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Wetland Studios Putrajaya offers fun learning for the family

Wetland Studios Putrajaya offers fun learning for the family

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PUTRAJAYA: Want to get your kids away from the tablet or television screen? Why not head to Wetland Studios Putrajaya for an entertaining day trip during which you and the kids can learn about nature?

Located about half an hour away from Kuala Lumpur city centre, this edutainment centre is the result of an agreement between KRU Studios and Perbadanan Putrajaya’s Taman Wetlands.

About 70,000 paying visitors have gone to Wetland Studios since it opened its doors last May.

“Putrajaya is a beautiful place with a vast ecosystem and many nature-themed activities can be done here,” executive chairman of Wetland Studios Sdn Bhd Norman Abdul Halim told FMT Lifestyle.

“We hope to dispel the rigid impression that people only come here for government or official business.”

What does Wetland Studios have in store, then?

When visitors go through the doors, they’ll be greeted with a jungle-like scene with artificial trees and LED-illuminated vines, reminiscent of a scene out of James Cameron’s Avatar.

The exhibitions are currently split into two levels. The ground floor houses displays of land creatures and the upper floor has birds and other winged creatures. A lower ground level that will be housing underwater creatures will be launched next month.

The first exhibit is named Insectopia. It’s filled with giant prehistoric insects and creepy crawlers such as spiders and dragonflies. The combination of animatronics and lights lends realism to the replicas, and they are certainly not for the faint of heart.

The next hall, called Dinosaur Encounter, would see your childhood dreams materialise. Visitors can see impressive specimens of dinosaurs like the long-necked Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Malaysia’s very own Spinosaurus, whose fossil was found in Pahang in February 2014.

There’s also a life-size model of the Stegodon, the largest living land animal in its time and an extinct relative of the elephant. Hidden behind it is the entrance to a secret cave, filled with cave drawings in UV lights that’ll delight your kids.

Up next is the Jungle Jive, where a variety of animals such as tapirs, crocodiles, tigers and a pair of orangutan brothers will move their paws to greet you as you walk past. A perfect spot for a family or group picture.

Head to the upper ground level and be amazed with the annual migration of birds through the wetlands. A diverse range of migratory birds such as storks, cranes and waterfowls as well as resident species like herons and egrets are displayed high up on the ceiling. This is to deepen visitors’ understanding of their crucial role in biodiversity. Replicas of several flamingos can also be found here.

For an immersive experience, give the Virtual Reality ride a go. Don the headset and go on a roller coaster ride in which you’ll find yourself soaring through the skies and seeing dinosaurs up close.

There’s also an eduplay centre where children can watch performances from KRU Studio’s KiKaKo Kids, lovable mascots in the form of water droplets. They highlight the importance of environmental awareness.

“I think it’s important for us to be responsible global citizens, protecting our future generation as well as doing all we can to not disrupt nature and the animals’ way of life,” Norman said.

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Putrajaya Wetlands Studio
Persiaran Persekutuan
Presint 13
62300 Putrajaya

Opening hours: 10.00am-7.00pm daily

Entry fees:

  • RM25: Adults (13 years and above)
  • RM15: Senior citizens (over 65 years)
  • RM15: Kids (four-12 years)
  • Free: Kids up to three years