Wetland Studios Putrajaya is a unique technology-driven indoor edutainment theme park promoting environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. Learn about the importance of water and the role played in supporting life on Earth. Discover how we can shape a better future for generations to come.

Located at Putrajaya Wetland Park, the largest manmade freshwater wetlands in the tropics, Wetland Studios displays an array of fascinating animatronics and replicas of both extinct, endangered species that once graced our wonderful planet, in addition to those found today.

Enjoy the immersive experience at Wetland Studios and learn about the ecosystem of various living things such as mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, trees, and flowers, including the popular T-Rex, Stegodon and Megalodon.

Putrajaya Wetland Park has over 200 species of local and migratory birds. Enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the park with family and friends through the different day and night experiences not to be missed when you visit Putrajaya, Malaysia.


Weekends, Public Holidays & School Holidays
From 10am – 7pm (Last entry at 6pm)

Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays & School Holidays)
From 10am to 6pm (Last entry at 5pm)




Join our mission to promote environmental awareness and wildlife conservation amongst children and teenagers, to nurture young minds to be responsible and caring global citizens. Wetland Studios Putrajaya offers guided tour packages (including gamified assessment and certification programs) for preschool, primary school, and secondary school students during school days throughout the year. 

 Enjoy our group booking discounts and contact us via [email protected]


Organize your Corporate Events including Employees’ Family Day at Wetland Studios Putrajaya for an unforgettable fun-filled excitement and adventure for all ages! 

– Fun Run

–  Eco-Challenge

–  Treasure Hunt

–  Mascot Shows

–  F&B Packages

Please contact us via [email protected] to get discounted tickets to our indoor theme park and customized event packages. We would love to hear from you soon.


Putrajaya Wetland Park has been operating since the year 2000. Its significant size of around 335 hectares, with approximately 200 hectares dedicated to freshwater wetland cells, showcases a rich ecosystem that supports diverse wildlife and plant species. The recognition as a UNESCO Ecohydrology Demonstration Site since 2010 highlights its importance in demonstrating sustainable water management practices and promoting ecological conservation efforts.

Putrajaya Wetland Park serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, including hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, trees, and plants. The park provides vital habitat and food sources for these various organisms, playing a crucial role in supporting their survival. Many of the species found within the park are threatened or endangered, making the conservation efforts at Putrajaya Wetland Park even more crucial. By maintaining a healthy ecosystem with a variety of habitats, the park helps sustain populations of these vulnerable species and contributes to their protection and conservation. 

Be part of the community to promote environmental awareness and wildlife conservation by becoming an official corporate partner to Wetland Studios Putrajaya. Contact us via [email protected]