Wetlands Studio Putrajaya: Indoor Theme Park In Putrajaya With Life-Sized Dinosaurs & A Mesmerising Jellyfish Zone

The Smart Local

Picture the otherworldly settings of Avatar and Jurassic Park coming together – that’s what you can expect to experience at Wetlands Studio Putrajaya. This indoor theme park has gigantic animatronic prehistoric figures and a mesmerising zone featuring iridescent sea creatures that seem to float in mid-air – think the jellyfish-like Woodsprites from Avatar.

Here’s what you can expect to see on a trip here:

An indoor theme park with two levels of animal exhibits

Step inside Wetlands Studio Putrajaya, tucked away in Putrajaya, and you’ll be transported to a world of elaborate trees and LED vines – you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a jungle. Spread across two levels, the 12 exhibits here offer families and curious souls alike the opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural ecosystem.  

One of the first exhibits you’ll come across here is Insectopia, where you’ll encounter a fascinating array of creepy crawlies in all their colourful delight. A plethora of well-lit giant insects, such as spiders and dragonflies, “roam” the area.

At Dinosaur Encounter, visitors can look forward to getting to meet a prehistoric creature in the flesh. The animal displays are animatronic figures that are able to move – so don’t be freaked when you see the figures of Pachycephalosaurus and Meraxes start to open their jaws and twist their necks. 

Other animatronic animals that you can encounter are at the Jungle Jive and Stegodon’s Big Break, where the humongous life-sized Stegodon – known as the largest land animal of its time – and the Megalodon in all in its majestic bare-fanged glory can be found.